The Knockout Newsletter : How C Space cuts through the digital noise to engage with their audience

How C Space cuts through the digital noise to engage with their audience

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About C Space

C Space is a global customer agency.
They help some of the world's best known brands – like Walmart, Samsung and IKEA – focus on what really matters to customers.

The challenge

C Space wanted to reshape their marketing to drive more meaningful engagement and growth. The content they produced was primarily shared online through email marketing and social media, but with so much "noise" in these digital channels it was hard for them to reach customers and be heard.

"In a digital world, print is disruptive. It gave us a platform to produce our best content and showcase our expertise. After launching our newspaper, 30% of our new revenue could be directly attributed to our "print first" approach."
— Amadeus Redha, Global Marketing Manager
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What they did

In 2018, C Space shifted their marketing strategy and started publishing their newspaper, In Print, to cut through this digital noise.

According to Amadeus Redha, Global Marketing Manager at C Space: "We employed an In Print-first approach to all content creation: all interviews and articles would go into In Print first, before any other internal or external channel." He says this "reinforces the exclusivity" of the content in their newspaper.

Amadeus says that after a year, 30% of their new revenue was directly attributed to this new strategy and 98% of new clients engaged with two or more of their marketing channels.

What happened next

C Space's clients say they read the newspaper "cover-to-cover." It helps build trust in the brand and is considered a "high touch investment" in their clients and prospects. "We think about the newspaper as akin to being in the room with a group of our best people – a mix of inspiring, provocative and fun", says Amadeus.

Contributing to "a professionally produced, physical publication where authors were credited for their work" also motivates the C Space team internally.

"Newspaper Club makes our content more real. It affords us the chance to be more creative and experimental with our marketing. Our clients read In Print cover-to-cover."
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