Big and proud: 8 ways to make an impact with broadsheet newspapers

Newspaper Club Broadsheets

Need a newspaper with authority and impact? Choose a broadsheet. Whatever you create, they won't miss it!

Our broadsheet is the largest newspaper in our portfolio and is a great way to make an impression. They're big enough to hide behind, with plenty of room to say everything you need to say. And you can print your own starting from just 1 copy.

Whether you want a bold marketing prop, an impactful photobook or a fun poster, keep reading to see 8 ways our creative community uses broadsheet newspapers to make a powerful impact.

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Art in Print newspaper poster project in Boston. Developed by Isenberg Projects.

The poster

If you want to make the most of the large format pages on a broadsheet, why not turn your newspaper into a poster? Follow in the footsteps of Art in Print, a collaboration between Harvard-sparked initiative Zone 3 and creative studio Isenberg Projects.

Art in Print newspaper poster project in Boston. Developed by Isenberg Projects.

Launched in 2018, Art in Print is a project to make buying art more accessible. Each edition invites local artists to create newsprint posters which are distributed in repurposed newspaper dispensers along Western Ave in Allston, Massachusetts for 25 cents each.

Each dispenser contains different artwork, encouraging people to walk around their neighbourhood to discover new prints.

Check out our poster guide for a full step-by-step guide to creating your own.

Art in Print newspaper poster project in Boston. Developed by Isenberg Projects.

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Newspaper Club for Puma x The Art Of Football

The prop

Available from 1 copy, our digitally printed newspapers can be a game-changing prop for your marketing imagery.

The Art of Football and Puma chose this option when shooting their new campaign, and our digital broadsheet got to kick it with Thierry Henry (and some handsome goats). The newspaper went hand-in-hand with the vintage feel of the collection, which celebrated footballing heritage.

Newspaper Club for Puma x The Art Of Football

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A-Medium-Format photobook by Benj Story. Printed by Newspaper Club

The photobook

One of the most exciting things about a newspaper is that it's a BIG canvas for your creativity. Thanks to the extra large pages on a broadsheet, it's especially great for printing high-resolution photography.

British photographer Benjamin Story chose a large format broadsheet photobook to display a series of immersive landscape images captured in 120 film. The project helped to capture the magic of a visual journey from the Chamonix Valley to Marrakech.

"I didn’t want to do a book but I wanted my work to last longer than an Instagram post. A newspaper bridges that gap."

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Broadsheet Wedding

The wedding newspaper

Ready to get creative and make something truly unique for your big day? Say hello to the wedding newspaper!

Whether you want to document your wedding itinerary, narrate the tale of how you met or just want a playful prop for those wedding snapshots, our broadsheet's expansive pages offer the ideal solution.

Take a cue from Maya and Ian who added a digital broadsheet to their wedding festivities, including an overview of their journey through the years and a fun crossword for guests to complete.

"Our wedding was the perfect opportunity to do something fun, creative and unique. It turned out super well and our guests loved it.''

Read our wedding newspaper guide for more fun ideas and inspiration.

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Newspaper Club for Atlas Free

The annual report

Struggling to display your annual report information in a format that people will want to read? Enlist the help of a newspaper!

Opting for our traditional broadsheetsRescue:Freedom (now Atlas Free) created their annual roundup including major milestones translated into eye-catching headlines and crossword puzzles incorporating their stats.

As a non-profit organisation working to accelerate and resource the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation, the newspaper helped to get a powerful message across. 

"The newspaper made the whole report more inviting. Supporters said that it's our best report yet. We even received several unexpected large donations!"

Read our annual report guide for more helpful tips.


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Broadsheet newspaper for shaving brand Flamingo. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The pop-up event hand-out

If your brand has invested in top-quality product photography, why not make the most of it? For their pop-up event, shaving brand Flamingo showcased fresh campaign imagery in a super-sized digital broadsheet.

"We liked the idea of a large-scale printed piece that would act as a 'billboard' while being read out in the world,” says Victoria Lam, Head of Creative Operations. “Newsprint is super tactile and something you want to pick up and flip through, or roll up and throw in your bag to look at later. We've heard great feedback and seen nice engagement with the piece!” Designed by Emma Reed.

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Broadsheet newspaper for vegan sneak brand SAYE. Printed by Newspsaper Club.

The wallpaper

Vegan sneaker brand SAYE turned our digital broadsheets into wallpaper – that doubled as a cool photo backdrop – for their first pop-up shop in Barcelona. (Watch them transform the space on Instagram!)

They also repurposed the newspapers as gift wrap for their shoeboxes (the pop-up happened just before Christmas). Visitors could use the newspapers the old-fashioned way, too – to read more about SAYE's materials and manufacturing process. “All of our customers loved them!” says SAYE. Designed by Socis Club.

SAYE-broadsheet-pop-up copy

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Top Crop craft brewing newspaper from Omega Yeast. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The conference takeaway

Top Crop, an educational platform about craft brewing from Omega Yeast, recently launched the first edition of their print newspaper at a major industry conference. Printed on our broadsheets, it explores trending topics in brewing like the haze in hazy beers and using new yeast strains for IPA flavors.

"Our subscriber list has grown by nearly a third since debuting the newspaper!"

“Adapting our content for a newspaper was an exciting creative opportunity,” says design director Kyle Eertmoed, who collaborated with Dexter Stevens on the publication. “We loved having the chance to flex on some really beautiful design.” They even refurbished an old newspaper dispenser to distribute copies:

Top Crop craft brewing newspaper from Omega Yeast. Printed by Newspaper Club.

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