8 newspapers hot off the press in March

March Roundup by Newspaper Club

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative ways our customers use newspapers.

This time, join the celebration as brands celebrate milestones, anniversaries and new product launches - plus more!

Keep scrolling for 8 inspiring projects hot off the press in March.

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Oska Bright Film Festival by Newspaper Club

Film finish

The Oska Bright Film Festival, the world's largest film festival showcasing the works of individuals with learning disabilities and autism, is gearing up for its biggest year yet! From March 11 to 17 2024, films will be showcased at various locations in Brighton, Sussex and throughout the UK.

This year's festival boasts an extensive collection of captivating cinematic creations. The accompanying programme, printed in a compact 'retro' style using our digital minis, features film stills from Oska Bright submissions as backgrounds, providing a sneak peek into the films alongside their synopses. Don't miss out, get your tickets here.

''We hosted a programme launch and everyone loved the format of the newspaper. It got people excited to see how many amazing films will be shown at the festival this year.''

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Bugue by Liana Jegers, printed by Newspaper Club

Nature nerd

Inspired by the abundant wildlife in her LA backyard, illustrator Liana Jegers initiated a personal passion project - Bugue. Printed on our digital minis, the magazine focuses on North American nature, aiming to highlight the often overlooked beauty just outside people's doorsteps.

Bugue by Liana Jegers by Newspaper Club

Liana has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from friends and family, attributing the zine to a reconnection with nature. "It seems all my fellow bug enthusiasts have come out of the woodwork (figuratively)," says Liana.

''The entire process of printing with Newspaper Club was a breeze. I'm already looking forward to making another issue!''

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Nick Rees Photography by Newspaper Club

Photo promo

British photographer and director Nick Rees loves to create images and films which show products as heroes within their own world. In line with his biannual tradition, this digital mini showcases new work from the past 6 months.

Nick favours the newspaper format for its consumable nature, providing "a short update that most people have time for".

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#Blkgrlswurld Zine by Newspaper Club

Punk press

NYC-based #Blkgrlswurld ZINE is an award-winning indie publishing house that focuses on a global community of Black women and women of colour who enjoy hardcore, metal and punk music. For their 10th anniversary, they opted for the power of print to celebrate.

''We wanted something small, accessible and affordable for young kids for this special edition. Going with newsprint allowed us to keep vibrant colors in the designs at a lower cost to us and our readers.''

Printed on our digital minis, 10 Years of Black Joy explores Black music history, local artist stories and collaborations with museums and galleries. Cheers to a decade of creativity and community!

#Blkgrlswurld ZINE by Newspaper Club

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Holly Wales Portfolio by Newspaper Club

Artistic adventures

UK illustrator Holly Wales, known for her diverse work in hand-drawn maps, lettering and food illustration, has a prestigious client list including Bloomberg, Conde Nast, and The Guardian.

Choosing our digital tabloids, Holly curated a collection of her favourite illustrations, encapsulating a two-decade passion for illustration. The print explored an artistic journey through textures, brush strokes, unique colour combinations, playfulness and embracing mistakes.

The project provided a "much-needed confidence boost," Holly says, and also gifted an opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues and clients.

''I loved the opportunity to show my work at a larger format instead of squishing them down into a little square on Instagram. I felt it was time to show them at the kind of scale they were meant to be seen!''

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Low Life Tattoo by Newspaper Club

Ink impressions

Lowlife Tattoo, a private tattoo studio in Brooklyn, New Year, left a mark with their quarterly zine in 2023 printed on our digital minis. Introducing six artists and showcasing samples of their flash tattoos, the studio chose the tangible, lightweight format for distribution in local neighbourhoods.

''There's a certain legitimacy that comes with having your work in print. People love having something to flip through and engage with.''

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Prose Hair by Newspaper Club

Refine & review

The first and only carbon-neutral custom beauty brand, Prose Hair is dedicated to environmental conservation. Crafted in a Brooklyn factory, their products are customised to customers' lives, zip codes and the changing seasons.

In celebrating 500,000 5-star reviews via their Review & Refine® tool, Prose selected our digital broadsheets as an ideal gift for customers. The print showcased positive online reviews and fresh campaign imagery, marking this significant achievement in their personalised service.

Prose Hair by Newspaper Club

''We were so surprised by how great our photography and colors translated on newsprint. Customers loved the personal touch that the newspapers added to their orders.''

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Lateral Objects by Newspaper Club

Decor digest

Home decor studio Lateral Objects compiled all their products into a catalogue for a recent trade show using our digital minis. The goal was to create a tangible and straightforward print, encouraging customers to tear out pages of interest, peruse and recycle it.

The zine received positive feedback, with many attendees at the trade show opting for the physical copy over the digital version.

''We loved every step of designing our newspaper! The templates worked well, the ordering was easy and it came early!''

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