Class of 2024! How students are embracing the power of print for their degree shows

Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2016

It's that time of the year - degree show season is upon us!

As students prepare to showcase the culmination of their hard work and creative projects, why not consider the charm of a printed newspaper? The tangible quality of newsprint lends itself fantastically to illustration, photography and storytelling, making it an ideal complement to final degree shows.

From showcasing work to conveying a unique perspective, see 10 examples below from creative students and universities that harnessed the power of print to show off their hard work.

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Newspaper Club for BLINK, by Nottingham Trent University

Blink bible

Blink serves as an introductory newspaper for first-year Graphic Design students at Nottingham Trent University. Designed by a member of the university staff each year, the title "Blink" is chosen as a reminder to students about the rapid pace at which their three-year studies will unfold.

Printed on our digital broadsheets, the pages showcase various student project work in addition to providing valuable information about the initial weeks of the term, curated playlists and a city map to familiarise them with their surroundings.

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Newspaper Club for Vidita Shevade 'Thali Times'

India illustrations

When student Vidita Shevade was looking for a platform to spotlight her illustrations while simultaneously highlighting her research and layout skills, she found the perfect solution.

For her Master's final project, the Thali Times came to life on our digital tabloids, which delves into the escalating popularity of Indian cuisine. The publication focuses on the profound significance of India's rich food culture while featuring favourite recipes, top UK restaurants for Indian food and a number of thought-provoking articles.

Newspaper Club for Thali Times
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Catalogues for Glasgow School of Art degree shows printed by Newspaper Club

Diverse designs

From interior design to jewellery design, eight different design degrees students at Glasgow School of Art opted to print their final projects on our traditional tabloids! Each catalogue showcased the student's work alongside a synopsis of their dissertations.

''Printed catalogues are something the students can take home and keep as a memory of the shows, or pass on to family and friends who couldn't make it.''


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Newspaper Club for 'SHOW OFF' designed by BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Marketing at the University of Central Lancashire

Comfort creations

Second-year students on the Fashion Promotion and Marketing programme at the University of Central Lancashire have a long-standing student-led tradition... A custom newspaper! Commencing with a chosen theme, the students collaborate in teams to generate all editorial content and fashion narratives.

For their 16th consecutive edition, they printed Show Off using our digital minis. Students Jasmine, Rayana, Chloe and Grace explored the theme of comfort through art, editorials and fashion, highlighting "that everybody finds comfort in different things."

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 Newspaper Club for Type West at Letterform Archive

Type tradition

For centuries, type foundries have produced publications known as “specimens” to illustrate the range of uses for their typefaces. Following tradition, Type West at Letterform Archive produced this catalogue on our traditional minis, featuring the work of 14 independent type designers who graduated from the postgraduate Type Design programme in 2020.

''The best part of making the newspaper was seeing the student projects in a new context. When placed side by side in one publication, each individual project became part of a larger story of collective learning.''

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Arts University Bournemouth degree show newspaper

Illustration celebration

The Arts University Bournemouth’s illustration graduates in 2022 had a digital-meets-virtual approach for their degree show catalogues.

Choosing our traditional broadsheets to showcase the work of over 60 students, the publication comes to life when viewed through an accompanying AR filter (see it in action on Instagram!).

''It's a really great format to culminate the year and show off the talent we have. It’s big, bold and beautiful — plus it's easy to give out at exhibitions and showcases.''

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Newspaper Club for Beckmans University

Visual voyage

This is the fifth time the second-year Visual Communications students at Beckmans College of Design have used Newspaper Club to publish the results of their course in Editorial Design.

The five-week course, led by senior lecturer Stefania Malmsten, is an exploration of printed medium in the digital age. The course centres around music as both content and method, delving into how musical concepts such as sampling, remixing and arrangements can be interconnected with design.

Newspaper Club for Beckman University, Stockholm

The collection of prints, on our digital tabloids, was presented at a gallery event in Stockholm.

Newspaper Club for Beckmans University, Stockholm

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Coral Rescue Project newspaper by ECAL design students Anaelle Iglesias, Iris Moine and Aurore Huberty. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Reef relief

ECAL design students Anaelle Iglesias, Iris Moine and Aurore Huberty worked together on this visual guide to protecting coral reefs. The digital tabloid illustrates 14 ways — from green energy to reforestation — to make our relationship with the sea more sustainable.

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Co-Designing Peace project by Gray Garmon printed by Newspaper Club.

Peace pages

Founded by designer Gray Garmon, Co-Designing Peace explores using design methods "to achieve a more expansive and effective movement toward peace.”

Printed on our digital tabloids, the newspaper structured around different expressions of peace and was co-created with 16 students at The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Integrated Design and graphic designer Kelly Thompson.

''We love the tabloid format because it allows for large, expressive pages that share the bold ideas of our co-creators. It can be read as a publication or cut up to hang as posters on the wall.''

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Newspaper Club for the Northern School of Art

Zingy zine

For this year’s Illustration graduate show, the Northern School of Art used our digital minis to create Bloom Collective; a zine showcasing work from 26 students in an “accessible and friendly format.”

“It was a great takeaway for visitors and a lovely memento of the exhibition for students,” says senior lecturer Niel Bushnell. “In fact, we had to limit students from taking too many copies as souvenirs!”

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